Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beta Den Items

The den of snowyclaw is probaby the rarest one in Jamaa. I am sitting in a very special and rare room of snowyclaw's castle. Here are the names and descriptions of all the items in his den: Spaceship Grey, the rarest wall and possibly the rarest member item of all Moon Dirt, the rarest flooring Fire Pit, a very rare member item Tall Cactus, the rarest plant. I have one :D Skinny Paw Vase, a beta pottery item that not many people have Large Paw Vase, same as the vase above, only larger and shorter. Vent Pot, the pot that looks like a volcano Large Pot, the pot that is very large but you cant see it very clearly in the picture Green Painted Pot, a not-very-rare non member pot that is painted green Red Painted Vase, a not-very-rare non member vase that is painted red Potted Plants, three potted plants together; one of the rarer kinds of plants Cami's Frog, a beta non member frog plushie named after a girl with leukemia Lizard Banner, a banner of a gecko; a pretty rare non member item