Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beta Den Items

The den of snowyclaw is probaby the rarest one in Jamaa. I am sitting in a very special and rare room of snowyclaw's castle. Here are the names and descriptions of all the items in his den: Spaceship Grey, the rarest wall and possibly the rarest member item of all Moon Dirt, the rarest flooring Fire Pit, a very rare member item Tall Cactus, the rarest plant. I have one :D Skinny Paw Vase, a beta pottery item that not many people have Large Paw Vase, same as the vase above, only larger and shorter. Vent Pot, the pot that looks like a volcano Large Pot, the pot that is very large but you cant see it very clearly in the picture Green Painted Pot, a not-very-rare non member pot that is painted green Red Painted Vase, a not-very-rare non member vase that is painted red Potted Plants, three potted plants together; one of the rarer kinds of plants Cami's Frog, a beta non member frog plushie named after a girl with leukemia Lizard Banner, a banner of a gecko; a pretty rare non member item


  1. its woodmoo's den thats rare-est check it! >:D

  2. Replies
    1. idk a rare headdress :T why i got beta Fly Trap.

  3. check out piirros's den its pretty rare

  4. No pegasii is pegasii and wootmoo has the rarest den.. they are the same person

  5. Anyone know wut a RED fire drum is worth??? plz let me know ASAP thx.

  6. what are the beta brick walls worth

  7. I traded my rare bow and arrows rasberry color for a cactus..